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                                  Yiyang Polytechnic teachers to our discussion
                                  Sources: Kang Yi Machinery                Timeline: 2011-04-27

                                  August 7, 2010 AM, Yiyang Polytechnic teachers to effectively implement our work and study on the training mode discussion.
                                         Forum, business and colleges have indicated that, effective training model to achieve work and study, not only strengthen the cooperation between enterprises and the University to improve the quality of personnel training, and can really solve the "urgent need of talent and practical business talent, "the problem, In the larger scope and higher level types of enterprises need to train skilled personnel to achieve business, college students and three "win-win. " The two sides look forward to further cooperation between schools and enterprises.
                                        After the meeting, head of the company, accompanied by Teachers College Division I visited the exhibition rooms, workshops and other places.
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